I realised that I was able to put my sewing skills to use by helping people who either find themselves with garments they've loved a little too much, no longer fit anymore, or were simply found at an op-shop which now require some extra attention and adjustment in order to sit right.

I always strive to produce work which is of a high quality, and sometimes this means tedious hand-stitching, or back and forth's to the necessary supply stores. What ever it is, I do my best to produce results that my customers can be happy with, and will always be honest about what I think is achievable, along with an estimated time for completion. I also try and keep prices fair so that my work can be accessible to all.


Dominique fixed a dress of mine. Her work is spectacular and thorough. It was even a pleasure to go through the alterations process (a rarity). She also has extremely fair prices for such high quality work. Highly recommend!
- Eve
Dominique fixed a number of vintage garments for me, giving my favourite dress and winter coat a new life. Her prices are fair and she is also a generally lovely person. Highly recommended!
- Kate
Dom did an excellent job with my clothes. Some of my jeans needed shortening and a jacket had to be patched. I am 100 % satisfied with everything, especially the commitment and passion she shows for her work. Highly recommended.
- Piyush
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