One can create an incredible range of colour using natural ingredients, and manipulate the application of the dyes to create a myriad of surface design patterns.

All of the dye stuffs used to create the colour and patterns pictured above were found in the kitchen and garden. The cloth was immersed in a vinegar/water solution to act as the fixative because the acidic nature of vinegar enables the natural colour extracts to fuse better with the fibre.

For the bundle dye experiment, flower petals, onion skins, blueberries, and rusty sewing pins were tightly bound in the pre-prepared cloth, and placed over a saucepan of boiling water for 2 hours, with a slow rotation. Once dried and unravelled, the colours revealed a mottled pattern featuring warm and cool tones.

The pits of avocados create a beautiful dusty pink when boiled for several hours. Again, the fabric was prepared using the vinegar/water solution as a mordant, or fixative. Once folded and secured with bands, the cloth was immersed in boiling water containing the avocado pits for 2-3 hours. The disordered folds in the textile allowed for an asymmetric pattern imitating a dry and arid plane.