Dominique Matta is a textile enthusiast originating from Sydney, Australia but for the past three years has called Berlin home. As a trained graphic designer she has an eye for precision and detail, but is now immersing herself in all things fabric and fibre through the exploration of surface design. She also offers a freelance service in garment repairs and alterations, drawing on her technical skills in apparel construction, alongside a genuine passion for textiles. She enjoys working with garments which require extra attention and is currently collaborating with as their repair expert in the name of sustainability in the fashion industry. 




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Hand crafted dream catchers made from naturally dyed cloth and vintage doilies. Each piece is unique and has been made with love.

Garment repairs and alterations

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A freelance service which caters to reparations and alterations of garments and textiles

And sew it begins


Naturally sourced dye stuffs used to create a multitude of colours and patterns on textiles

Really happy to have found Dominique - she did a wonderful job shortening two skirts and taking in two jackets. She really makes sure things fit right and that you want are happy with the alterations. A great value for the money and maybe even better than some of the tailors around here.
- Su

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